Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Greatest Nail Polish Remover You'll Ever Use. Ever.

I look forward to removing nail polish like I look forward to peeling potatoes.

I know the end result is going to be good, but the work I have to do to prep everything isn't pretty or fun.

We all know removing nail polish is annoying work. You've got to stand there and scrub for what seems like a really long time, and you have to go through several cotton balls full of liquid to get them completely clean.

Oh and after you do that you're left with dry nails, so that's always a nice ending.

It was just one of those annoyances I was planning on living with until I tried Crabtree & Evelyn's nail polish removing wipes.

Sweet mahogany brown, these things are amazing.
nail polish remover wipes

It's a wipe that when you first feel it you think there's no way this dry little square is going to adequately remove all of this polish.

nail polish remover wipes
Then you scrub a little bit, and you realize it does actually work. A few glorious minutes later, you look down and see that you were so distracted by the pleasant aroma and ease of use, you didn't even realize you're now out of nail polish to remove.

I honestly found myself wishing I had more nail polish to take off!

And should I mention the fact that the wipes leave behind oil, so you're nails are now moisturized!?

nail polish remover wipes
Get a five pack for 4.95 (that's a dollar a week well spent) at your nearest Crabtree & Evelyn and revel in the greatness of these wipes. I know I will-every. single. week.

Plus the fact that they're portable-you'll never have a public nail polish problem again! Read more about these wipes and some great fall polish shades, here!

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