Monday, October 14, 2013

Strike the Balance Between Comfy & Cute

Over the weekend I got to celebrate my 30th birthday! My birthday isn't actually till the end of the month (on the 30th actually!). It was such a magical night filled with friends, family and the paparazzi *wink. Just a whole collaboration of fun stuff!

I enjoyed, and thanked my husband for every minute of it. Pictures will be soon coming :)

Meanwhile, lets talk about comfy clothes with edge.

Like a good man with money, everyone's looking for cute clothes that also happen to be comfortable.

leather accents
This sweat shirt (that I first wrote about here) from Garage in the mall is a great example of something that's both cute and comfy.

Granted, it's probably not something you would wear to the office for meetings on Monday morning, but with the right pairings (like a striped skirt, tights and boots, or skinny jeans and booties) you can get away with wearing this in more places than you think.

The key is to look for fancy details. It's the pops of leather on this sweater that take it beyond the "sweatshirt" look. And if you really like the leather thing that's going on everywhere, this is a great way to get into it (but ONLY if you like it).

Tune into Fox43 tomorrow morning for new ways to tie a scarf!

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