Monday, April 8, 2013

Why Cardigans are like Chicken Broth

Colorful cardigans are the chicken broth of your closet.

They're necessary to have around because they can be added in to plenty of outfits. And they're good for toning things down and making a look a lot smoother and/or appropriate (if, say, you work in an office that requires sleeves).

I've found, in my still growing cooking experience, that chicken broth is the same way. It's handy to have around because a lot of recipes call for it, and it's good to tone down something that tastes a little too...strong.

I stayed away from cardi's for a long time, because sometimes they add too much "sweetness" to a look. The image I maintain isn't "sweet" at least not all the time. I go for an edgier feel and cardi's generally don't vibe "edgy".

But I have found that paired with just the right jewelry and lots of black, cardi's can translate almost anything you want to.

If you're trying to disguise your arms-cardigans go from being chicken broth to being as necessary as salt.

Salt is required in almost every recipe (even the sweet ones!). And by having a spoonful of cardigan in almost every outfit, you'll disguise the wider part of your arm and highlight the smallest portion. Cardigans do this by ending at your elbow or below-the smallest parts of your arms.

How great is that?! The one pictured came from Forever21 (are you surprised?) and was less than $12!

If you own them in every color you can bring pops of vibrancy to otherwise boring black and white or gray ensembles. Something else they're good for-is disguising bad sleeves. I have a shirt that has unflattering sleeves, but I don't have to stop wearing it because I just wear it with a cardi!

They're certainly a staple in my spring closet. Especially when it's too cool to go without sleeves but too warm for a jacket. They're the perfect spring chicken broth!

And tune in tomorrow for The Spiff live on FOX for the 5 items you need to merge your winter and summer wardrobe into perfect spring looks!

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