Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Cardigans you Don't Want

Now that we've established a pretty solid comparison between cardigans and chicken broth (thank you very much), let's talk about what kind of cardi is right for your body.

Not all cardigans are created equal, and just like ingredients in a recipe, if used the correct way, a cardigan can really highlight the right portions of your body and make everything look good (a virtual feast for the eyes, if you will...ok maybe I'm taking the food thing too far).

Let's break this down by what portion of your body you're attempting to mask...

1. The sisters, the girlfriends...your BOOBS.
If your bra's are hard at work keeping your ample blessings at bay, what you want to do is stay away from cardigans that have big buttons. What those buttons will do is add weight to your boobs. So the kind of sweater you should look for is the kind that cascades in the front. This will give your girls the most flattering fit without competing for eye-attention.

Tummy hider? Not so much.
2. Cardi Tummy Tuck
Cardigans are like the cloak of invisibility to a tummy-if you get the right kind. Go for one's that have buttons down the middle and a tapered line on the sides. This will help give you a long lean line right down the middle.

Or if you want something more simple, go for colorful cardigans that hit your hip bone and wear it with a black shell or shirt. That will darken your problem area and draw the eye towards the color. What you DON'T want to do is wear one of those super short sweaters that stop right past your boobs. All these do is draw eye arrows to your problem area, which is certainly what you don't want.

3. Let the Sweater do the Lying for your Hips
Bum hiding length
Shakira is right, hips don't lie. But a shorter sweater will do all the lying for them by saying things like, "What are you talking about, this girls hips are teeny tiny!" It does this by balancing out your figure and drawing the eye up and away from the heavier portion of your body.
What a Shape-ster
To hide a bigger bum,
you can go the opposite direction and go for a longer sweater that stops right where your hips start to taper in, and you'll draw highlights to the smallest part of your legs and white out any wider mistakes.

4. Give Shape to the Shapeless
If you are one of those people that just needs a little junk added to your shape trunk, go for a belted cardigan. This will give your body the illusion of an hour glass figure giving you every right to sing a breathy happy birthday to whomever you please.

All these sweaters can be found at Gap and Old Navy.
Happy spring everyone!

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