Friday, April 19, 2013

Three Steps to Accessory Bliss

I apologize in advance for this post. It's inevitable that after reading it you're going to want to clean out and reorganize your jewelry.

disorganized jewelry

So forgive me for messing up your weekend plans. But I do promise that you're going to absolutely love the fact that you did it afterwards.

I know I did.

I lived with this mess (see right) for way too long.

Always having to fish for what I needed, and never able to grab anything and run out the door I can't see why I kept putting that off!

But like most things you put off and off some more, it only took me about 45 minutes, and left me so happy with myself (flowers were bought, chocolates picked out) that I don't know why it took me an ice-y day this past winter to get me to do it.

organized jewelry
After! Ding!
As you can see, I had a mess on my hands. Hoops where they shouldn't belong, necklaces tangled with rings, earrings not matched up together.

Looking at it, at first it seemed daunting. But by breaking it down into a few simple steps it was a task easily conquered.

One: Start with putting everything in it's proper place.
I know this sounds counter productive because not everything's going to make it through the "approval process" that is step two. It is, however, easier to see what you need and what you can throw away when you've got, for example, all of your hoops together in one place. So at least put everything in some kind of category for the time being.

Two: Get rid of things.
jewelry boxIf I looked at it and wouldn't wear it out the next day, it was trash. If I looked at it and couldn't determine it's original color, it was DEFINITELY trash. Never hold on to tarnished things, it doesn't look good. It may in the low light of your closet, but definitely won't out in public.

And don't forget to make a pile of things you could give away!

Three: Put what you access most in the most accessible place.
Duh, right?! Yeah, tell that to past me. The me that was storing "fancy jewelry" there at the top. It revolutionized my world when I realized the best use of those top compartments was to house my everyday jewelry: little hoops, all my rings, stud earrings. Everything that I need to "grab and go" was now in a place that I could grad it and...surprise, surprise...go!

There's a close up picture of everything at the top. See the little hoops all in one compartment? Those would get so lost in my sea of hoops in the lower drawer. Now, I can pick out what I want faster than I can decide what I want!

Ah. So nice.

Don't wait like I did to get to this happy place. Organize now! I'm talking right now. Don't put it off one more second!!

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