Thursday, April 4, 2013


Here I thought I was taping into the genius well when I started last week's hash tag of "#thisweeksnails".

I looked it up. Many, many other people thought of that before I did. There's no genius well, only a humble puddle.

#thisweeksnails had to be special because it was Easter!

And while normally special occasions throw me for a loop and leave me standing in front of my nail polish collection for many long, contemplative minutes, I knew back before 2013 was even born what I was going to be doing this week.

After buying OPI's "The Living Daylights" I thought it would make the perfect spring/Easter accent nail.

Here's what I love about this polish...

It's got many colors in it so it goes with so many different polishes. 
And it looks really cool on once you pile up all the sparkles together.

Here's what I don't so much love...

It's a BEAST to get off.
You have to layer and layer and layer for all those cutie little sparkles to form a cohesive pattern that doesn't reveal the polish below. (Which, by the way, is a different color then the rest of my nails because I wanted it to disappear under the sparkles. I went with a very light grey which worked out perfectly and allowed the sparkles to shine...)

Ultimately I think the greatest use of this is as an accent nail because it leaves you with only two nails to layer up, and then only two nails to strip.

But despite its flaws, I think it's the perfect #spring #happy/fun times #thesunisout nail celebration!

PS. I left this out because you should be sick of hearing me talk about this color, but my other nails are Maybelline's Color Show in "Green with Envy". There is said it, I've used it yet again, I love this color don't judge me for that. :)

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