Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hair as Smooth as Ryan Gosling's Pick Up Lines

Ever seen Crazy Stupid Love?

Yeah, Ryan has some smooooth pick up lines in that film (at one point he calls a girl "Fancy Face" making me want to claim that nick name for life!)

Want to have hair that smooth? So did I. And I thought I was doing good with the myriad of products I would cycle through to maintain that smoothness they deliver the first time, but not so much after that.

After a while, I wasn't noticing a difference from anything.

THEN my hairdresser gave me Redken's Smooth Lock leave in cream to try....and immediately I was putty in it's very capable hands (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Like I said, having tried what feels like every "smoother" on the market, I'm not surprised when one doesn't work as promised or works only a couple times and then you can tell no difference.

Redken's, my friends, falls in neither of those categories. I was shocked and oh so happy to find that this stuff really works!

After using it, I had smooth hair!

Bare in mind, my hair texture is very very coarse. After blowdrying my hair doesn't lay around in smooth strands, it moves as a whole or in chunks (isn't it weird how we pay attention to even the littlest things about our strands? Maybe it's just me).

This smoothing cream really did make a difference. Feeling it smooth and watching it move was much a kin to cutting it all off and feeling as if someone else's smooth sleek strands of hair had been transplanted onto my head!

Everything it promises-frizz control, intense surface smoothing (and sealing in that smoothness for a while)-it delivers!

You can buy it at Trade Secret in the mall (which also has a coupon in the school coupon book). I wouldn't wait around long with that frizzy hair you're wanting to get rid of. This stuff will make you smoooooooth! :)

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