Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring, Allow Me to Introduce You to Scarves

It's no secret what a fall/winter lover I am.
That love stems from my deep adoration for clothing, and how during those months we get to pile on more of it :)

One such accessory I would wear all year, if I could, are scarves.

I love the way they look-thrown on last minute, but totally cute and comfy. Thank God on High, that someone somewhere has deemed them spring appropriate and passed that idea on to clothing lines so that we can all join the movement to wear them even longer.

Spring scarves are even more wonderful in that they're usually of a light weight material and color, which gives the wearer a kind of indecipherable I-just-threw-this-on-but-I-look-so-chill kind of look.

Take this one from The Limited, for example. It's got the perfect spring pattern that's just waiting to be mixed with another pattern like stripes, or better yet, big green or navy polka dots. Oh yes, that would look so good!

And there are several colors in it, which means you can pair it with many tops, giving you a variety of comfy options!

Ahh. Scarves. Love them.

Ha, now I've gotten myself all pumped up...I've gotta go shopping!

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