Friday, March 8, 2013

Keep Gain off the Streets

The word "gain" has a funny reputation.

When it hangs out with the wrong crowd, for example the word "weight", it gets into trouble. But when it's friends with good words like "momentum" or "initiative" then it's back in good graces.

I'd like to help this little word along and give it a glowing recommendation, because the brand, "Gain" has really done a lot for my closet.

After hearing about it from a friend (so this is a recommendation off of a recommendation), I went out and bought Fireworks by Gain. It's an in-wash scent booster (or in Spanish a, "intensificador de fragancia")(you're welcome, Spanish audience).

What you do is you pop off the cap and sprinkle some of these cutie little pink beads (in the "sweet sizzle" scent) into your washer right after you pour the detergent.

What happens after that? Don't know, don't care. All I care about is the other day when I was moving around in my striped button down, I would get a wiff of freshness and clean smelling goodness every single time.

And seeing as how clean laundry is one of my favorite smells in the whole wide world-I was most certainly in a better mood for it.

The awesome thing about this stuff (I know, you thought I was stopping, but I'm not) is that my striped button down wasn't freshly washed. It had been hanging in my closet for a while, which means this stuff is serious about leaving your clothes smelling good.

You may be wondering how much Gain is paying me to write this, but it's not (since it's been hanging out with "weight" they've been blowing all their money on snacks).

No, I'm a true lover of this Fireworks thing and just about panicked the other day when I realized I was about to run out. Don't let yourself do the wash without it.
Wearing clothes you like and smelling fresh throughout the day-that's what I like to call a "full confidence battery". :)

Keep Gain out of trouble-use it in your laundry!

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