Friday, March 1, 2013

3 Ways to Bring Sexy Back to Your Accessories

Whoever said accessories can't be sexy, needs to dig out of their oversized turtle neck and start expanding their world.

Accessories can totally be sexy.

Remember my Valentine's Day segment? Go with a swingy necklace instead of earrings! I'm really digging the whole swingy necklace thing right now.

I think they're great for adding just the right amount of visual interest where there is none.
Take this outfit for example...
I tried it with a pair of hoops and sure it looked ok, but when I took those off (because hoops and a necklace like this is too much going on in my book) and added this shiny happy thing, it gave life to the part of the sweater that was bare.

And pairing a necklace with a layered shirt/sweater combo like this instantly adds a cool and updated factor to a classic combination.

I probably would not have worn this necklace with just the button down, because with the visual of buttons going down the middle (and possibly pockets on either side) a swingy necklace would be too much.

Here are some more reasons to go with long necklaces...
  1. They're slimming. They give the eye a focal point and that's straight down your front so that gives you a slimming effect.
  2. They move with you so you've got something rythmically swaying to your movements which translates cool and sexy.
  3. You can layer them, taking your plain black sweater from boring to hot in seconds, or you can unlayer them and do just the one, which looks just effortlessly cool.
Do keep in mind, that if you're wearing your hair down and the necklace is pretty substantial, you don't need any other jewlery. Remember: the less you have going on, the more flattering that one piece will be. If you're going to wear your hair up, or the necklace is a simple chain (or maybe it has something on the very very end) then go with studs or earrings that don't go much past your lobe.

You never want to disctract from your face-it's so pretty!

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