Friday, February 1, 2013

Summer Confession

I know I'm not alone when I admit that I've tried something just because a cute boy said they liked it.

Thankfully, nothing I've tried has had to "grow out", "close up" or be "removed by lasers." Everything I did was tame. Praise. God.

One thing I tried happened in my second year of college. I was taking a class with a good friend of mine, who also happened to be the boy I was crushing on at the time. He remarked casually one day that he loved the smell of sun tan lotion. He had smelled it on a girl in another class, he told me, and he thought it smelled so good.

So what do I do? I go out and find coconut lotion as close to smelling like I'm laying on the beach looking for rays as I can possibly get (which wasn't hard to do in Florida). And instead of applying it before I left the house and letting it soak in, I waited as close to his arrival time as I could get, then  slathered it on like my skin was on fire.

I have a foggy memory of him telling me I smelled good, but nothing earth shattering ever happened. The lotion never won him over, but the good news is we're still friends to this day.

This memory resurfaced when I tried Johnson's Baby Oil Gel with Shea and Coconut Butter. I talked about this on the segment about using household products in your beauty routine. And honestly, I didn't want to try it because I really like putting good smelling lotion on after a shower.

Opening this bottle, though, was like an instant throw back to that memory with the boy, summers on the beach, riding home in the car-all the windows down with your feet in sandy flip flops....for a brief moment in time I looked forward to warmer weather.

Then I shut the bottle, dried off, and came to my senses ;) Winter is wonderful!

You can stay inside without feeling guilty that you should be outside, you can layer up as many clothes as you want-giving you endless outfit options (I hardly repeat an outfit this time of year!). You don't have to deal with humidity and even on a bad hair day you can throw on a hat and a scarf and completely disappear. You get soups to eat (which make for easy/low calorie meals!) and boots to slip your feet into keeping them cozy all day long.
Yeah, I loved living near the beach and having those memories, but winter will do just fine in it's place :)

If you need a hint of summer, though, this stuff will do the trick! (Oh and by the way, it'll also abolish dry winter skin, and rings in at less than $4). Just make sure you put it on while you're still wet, then pat yourself dry. It will soak right in.

Have a very spiffy weekend everybody!

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