Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'd Like to Punch Pinterest in the Eye

I hate Pinterest.
Hate's a strong word, so let's say...I strongly dislike Pinterest, and I'm still working up the reasons why.

It's like American Idol, I'm strongly not a fan of that show but if you were to debate that point with me, I'd have no good argument back. I just don't like it.

Part of my problem with Pinterest is whenever you have a good creative idea that actually came from your brain, it breeds a paranoia that people are secretly thinking to themselves, "bet she found that on Pinterest." Well, people, this weeks nails (and a bunch of other really great creative ideas in the world) DIDN'T come from Pinterest. So there.

It came the old fashion way-seeing it in a magazine.

And ladies-I know I say this a lot with every new nail technique I try but believe me when I say this from the bottom of my heart--I love it.

I didn't at first. I finished a couple nails and thought, "Oo I don't know about this one", but the next morning I quickly realized-I'm in love!

I've already lined up two more colors I'm going to try with this. I think it's perfect for waking up some old tired nail polishes. Especially the pastel colors I have-I love that it adds a little edge to girly colors which is perfectly me.

So enough about that, how did I do it? Every where I read said that what you're supposed to do is paint a layer of black polish then paint over that with the color you want, leaving room around the edges for the black to peak out.

But I thought that one through, and I just couldn't see how it would work. I feel as if I'd have clumps of nail color on top that would dry all funky and it would look terrible. So what I did was paint my color which is, by the way, Sally Hansen's, "Coral Reef" (I know, that's a snoozer of a name, right?) then I took another Sally Hansen product-the nail art pen in black and just drew around the edges of each nail.

Of course being a lefty-my right hand turned out much cleaner than my left, but by applying the same technique I use when painting my nails (which is when you're using your non dominant hand to paint, move your dominant hand around while your other hand stays pretty still with the brush) it wasn't as awkward as I thought.

Like I said, I loooooove it. And thankfully it turned out well on television, and didn't end up looking like I had grease under my nails like I was worried it might.

In conclusion-Pinterest, you can shove it. ;)

*If you're a big fan of Pinterest, I don't mean any disrespect. To each his own :)

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