Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Snacking

Right now when I look out my window, I see white :)
Excuse me while I... !!!!!!!!!

Last night we got a significant amount of snow (and by "significant" I mean over an inch :)
And it's marvelous.

There's something about that buzz in the air when people are waiting to see what's going to close, and gathering around the news to hear reports about schools and roads...I know for some people it can be headache inducing, but for me it's cause to squeal :)

I'm hoping/praying/yearning for this not to be the only snow we get this winter. 
And because of that, one thing I am going to plan for and be aware of is snow snacking.

It's a term I recently coined (three seconds fresh!) that is defined: the immediate need you feel to snack when you realize it's snowing outside and you may have to be in your house for a while.

Last night, snow cream, cookies, pretzel bites...yeah, there was a binge, so to balance it all out I've compensated by today's meals being suuuper low in calories. 

I don't like to talk a whole lot about weight control on here because I don't fancy myself an expert in this area, but it is a huge part of getting dressed so it's definitely something we need to stay aware of (and you're thinking, "no problems there!")

I'm not going to beat myself up over my snow binge, but next time I'm going to be more aware of the sudden desire to stick every little edible thing in my mouth and maybe have a good dinner plan. Or eat healthy all day leading up to it while drinking lots of water so that I'm not as hungry.

And next time maybe I'll pop in Dance Dance Revolution to get the blood flowing.  Oh my goodness, I really hope I have to put all these things into action again and again this winter. 

Bring on the snow, I'll control myself I promise ;)
Happy snow day everybody!!

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