Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Winter Time!

Complain all you want about the cold weather, but in the spring you don't get random days off like today because of "too much sun". :)

It's a little bit freezing cold outside right now.
In fact, we're having an "Icemagedon" in our neck of the woods, which is kind of fun as long as you don't have to be any where.

I am LOVING IT. I know you're probably tired of hearing this, but OH EM GEE I love this time of year and these kinds of days when everyone's all a buzz about the weather and what's going to be closed. I love watching the news and all the reporters talk about what's frozen and snowy and alright I'll stop.

So how do you enjoy the heck out of this weather without suffering the dry flaky face that sometime comes with it?

Well I'm so glad you asked, because I have the answers!

First, of course make sure you moisturize.
Go ahead and pile on some extra moisturizer and give it a couple minutes to soak in your skin. Make sure you get your neck too, because that area definitely needs the moisture as much as your face. I swear by Oil of Olay's face moisturizer. It's light and creamy and soaks in quickly plus it has SPF in it which you need all year long.

Next, try not to use a pressed powder on your face.
Pressed powder (and I'm talking from a compact) will only highlight the dry spots, so don't add to the flakes by rubbing that on your face. That powder will just add baggage to those dry spots making them stand out even more, so be careful with that and avoid it entirely if you can.

Tune in Monday to get two more tips on keeping your skin happy this time of year, and literally tune in to the FOX morning show Tuesday to see what beauty tips I'm cooking up!

Have a fun, warm, snuggly weekend everyone! Happy Winter Time!! :)

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