Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coloring Look

Even though it's the dead of winter outside, inside color is in full bloom!

How exciting it is to walk into retail stores and get enlivened by all the bright cheery shades of EVERYTHING going on, no?

If you're coming back with, "No!" think about adding color in small doses.

For me, this colored pants craze is a blessing from heaven. One of my number one problems is I have too many things in black and when I put them all together I'm always craving a dash of color here and there. Now that I can put color on my bottom and build my black all around it.

If having your legs look too bright doesn't appeal, then try a colored cardigan over a gray dress, or swap out your white oxford button down for something pink under that sweater.

Or if you want to start reeally small, look out for a bright belt. A bright belt enlivens a whole outfit while still being a small sliver of daring.

Speaking of daring, if you want to up the dare factor, try a bright yellow belt and then maybe some pink flats with your grays and blues. You might think in your head right now that I'm crazy and your crazy for coming back to this crazy blog, but I'm not, and you will to thank me :)

Mixing small doses of color is a great way to warm up to this look and trust me, your first bright belt is going to get you excited about buying more!!!

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