Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weight Not, Wale Not

Everyday on the spiff.com we like to help a sister out.

And today we want to help a sister out by taking away mirror time.

Tis the season of good eatin' which means that at night when we are at our heaviest it's not a good idea to go lingering in the mirror when we're changing into our pajama's. There should be a disclaimer show up in your mirror at night, "Objects in mirror will appear heavier than they actually are."

It's like that saying about wrestling with a pig, it just makes the pig angry and you just end up dirty...or something like that. In other words, it doesn't do anyone any good. It's never a good time to make weight/diet goals at night and especially after a weekend of feasting on turkey leftovers.

Weighing yourself or trying on your bikini thanksgiving night will do nothing but discourage you and cause you to set impossible goals like, "Tomorrow-oatmeal all day!"

So do us all a favor and don't judge yourself too harshly this holiday season. If you eat sensibly throughout the day everyday, you can afford to splurge at night, and when you do be happy in your skin.

The holiday's only come but once a year, let's enjoy!

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