Friday, June 1, 2012

Toe-tally Awesome!

I know this sounds crazy considering yesterday's post...but as much as I love the nail art wave going on right now, sometimes the pressure to have fancy tips is too much!!

Last week I painted my toes a pretty shade of teal ("Fly" to be exact). And even though I would look down perfectly pleased with the color, my creative side was like, "what ELSE can we do!?!"

So I broke out the white shatter and!!!...bleeh. Didn't like it. And at that point I didn't want to re-do it (and couldn't because my fingers were ROCKIN!)

So I looked at how to fix it and thought painting white on the tips would make it look like white was cascading down my toes and!!!!...perfect! I don't have to live with toes I don't like!

That's toe-tally awesome!

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