Monday, June 4, 2012

Pink Pucker

Very soon I'm going to have a style statement (I literally just came up with that title and I'm quite happy with it).
A style statement (now let me work up a fresh definition) is one sentence that describes your personal style. A friend once told me mine, and she was spot on. Unfortunately I can't remember what she said (cue the Debbie Downer "Waaa Waaaaaa").

Soon, though, I'll have that statement perfected and forever in my back pocket for when I become a local celebrity and get asked by strangers passing me in the mall :)

One word my style statement, in it's gestation phase, does have is "edgy" while one word that will stay out of it forever is "girly". I'm not a girly-ruffles and pastels-kind of dresser. Never was either (much to my Mom and sisters chagrin). Even when I was small, those little white socks with the ruffles around the ankle would drive me nutso!

The only "girly" thing about my closet is pink. I do adore the deep, fushia-in-your-face-OH-MY-GOD-you're-blinding-me-Pink. Which is why when I started seeing this color on every set of lips in the fashion industry I thought, "I've got to get me some of that!!"

I looked and looked for weeks for the perfect shade. I even bought what I thought would be great, only to find out it still looked red. I'm all over this trend because I adore a bold lip but I feel as if red makes me look all vampire-ish....and blehh, no thank you.

Finally I found the perfect shade. And as a bonus it was paired with a lighter pink which I've found to be the perfect face brightener for days when I'm feeling light and springy.

It's made by Covergirl and the colors are "Pucker" and "Moue". And as an addd bonus, you can combine the two colors to tone one down or deepen one up! With that, the shade possibilities are endless!!

The deep pink is the perfect shade of, "oh cool her lips are pink!" while the light one is just enough sweetness to offset whatever edgy peice of something I'm inevitably wearing :)

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