Tuesday, March 4, 2014

4 Little Ways to Freshen up for Spring (And Spend Less Than $11)

If you don't have a lot of money to spend on a spring wardrobe, but still crave versatility, stock up on accessories.

And if you're thinking I'm crazy for saying that because necklaces and earrings are just as, if not more expensive then great clothes, then you haven't been in Forever21. And you have my deepest sympathies.

I don't care WHAT age you are. If you've got a neck, earlobes and some ovaries then you should really get in there and check out what they have to offer and the ridiculously good prices they're offering it at.

Take this lovely beaded necklace for example.
For $10.80 this little ditty would doll up a white t-shirt and boyfriend jeans just perfectly.
beaded necklace

Need another $10 example? I'm so glad...
How about this fresh piece that would hang just perfectly over a sweater that's over a button down that's under a blazer! (So it goes...button down then sweater then necklace then blazer).

teal necklace

Ok maybe really great looking necklaces for about what you paid for lunch last week isn't your thing. Let's look at earrings...

You know what these little $5 investments would do for that black and white striped shirt you bought last summer and a pair of dark skinny jeans? They'd take it to fresh and cute boot camp, that's what they'd do.

black earrings

And before your wrist gets all jealous...
Dibs on this adorable $7.80 bracelet that will simply look so, so cute with last years sundresses.
I'm serious, dibs.

white bracelet
Now you see, there's no excuse. And I definitely don't want to hear that you're too old to go in there. They can plan on seeing me well into my 90's ;)

Don't think accessories can be sexy? Read this.

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