Friday, February 28, 2014

The Most Flattering Shape for Your Nails

It's my goal in life to get you to paint your nails on a regular basis.

Not because I own stock in a nail company (although I should) or that they're paying me to (I wish they would), no, it's simply because I know first hand the confidence inducing power a well manicured hand can produce.

In an effort to get you a step closer, here is a look at the best (and most flattering) ways to file your nails. If you do nothing else with them this week, at least file them into a flattering shape!
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This shape flatters both wide and narrow nail beds. To achieve it, file down the sides of your nails first, then slightly round out the edges. Make sure that both sides of the nail turn out evenly.

The square shape is something to try if you have a bigger nail area, but stay away from it if your nails are small. It also helps flatter nails that are really narrow, by making them appear wider (isn't it amazing how this all works?). To achieve this shape file the sides, then flatten out the top. I like to take the file and brush down on the edge of my nail so that the ends aren't so sharp.

Square/Oval (Squoval or Ovuare):
This is the most universally flattering shape, but the nails that receive the biggest benefit are the wide ones. Start the same way you would when forming the square shape, then afterwards round your corners just slightly.

Round (Men's wear):
This shape works the best if you like your nails short or if you're a man. If you fall in neither of these categories skip to the bottom ;) By rounding your shorter nails, it helps to make them look thinner. File your nails into a short square shape, then really round out the edges.

If you are a hard core almond shape lover, you probably need to allot extra time for typing. That's the downfall to this shape (that and you share the same nail shape as Lady Gaga - which you may consider a blessing, I don't know). The benefit to this shape is that it does cause your fingers to appear long and lean (like a great little LBD). I would recommend this shape be done with acrylic nails.

I hope this gets you that much closer to having a regular nail regimen. Feel free to email me if you have any questions

Have a beautiful weekend!

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