Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why This Works

Right about now, you're probably over this cold weather.
And you're probably growing weary of all your sweaters and boots, and can't wait to slip back in a sun dress. I'm not with you at all.

I'm still basking in the fact that I don't have to think about how tan I am, or paint my toes (I really hate doing that). I'm also very good with the fact that I haven't seen a bug in a really long time, or that I've not walked outside and started sweating even though I just took a shower.

I'm still very cool with this whole winter thing. So I'm hoping this outfit break down will get you there as well.

Just think in a few months we're not going to be able to cocoon ourselves in a cozy sweater like this one from Express.

That's why I'm loving every minute in these long knit cardigans. I decided to pair it with a striped pencil skirt from Forever21. 

Before I edited the outfit, I had started with a plain black shirt underneath. But on second look I thought how it needed something else. So I went back and added this slightly peplum top I got from American Eagle a couple years ago. It's got just the right amount of flair at the bottom which makes it perfect for adding a leopard belt. 

Now the outfit has more visual interest and just the right amount going on around my waste so as to not look boring.

This black and gold necklace from Aldo is just the right length for this neckline, and of course I'm going to add tights (another thing to love about this time of year) and my favorite favorite boots from Dillards. Oh ladies, I've talked myself into a winter-loving frenzy. 

Just embrace this time of year and all the wrapping up in cute/comfortable clothes that comes with it!

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