Thursday, August 8, 2013

This Weeks {and 3 years ago} Nails

Here is my very first post on nail polish. I wrote this in August of 2010, and fittingly enough am sporting matte nails as I type this! OPI really should pay me for all the good things I say about them on a regular basis :)

If nail polishes were a community, OPI would be the cleverly named Ninja’s. 
It’s a nail polish that is multifaceted fun.  They’ve got the greatest color selection, and my attention when it comes to reading their names.

And just when I thought my love for them could not grow any further, I discovered on an out of town trip last November that they have a new line called MATTE. 

matte nailsThis line of polishes come with instructions such as you can’t apply a base or top coat with this polish and you can’t lotion up your hands before you apply it (which really is true for any polish that you want to last).  The magnificent MATTE comes in already familiar OPI colors (i.e: Russian Navy, Lincoln Park after Dark, Alpine Snow and so on).
The pro’s of this polish are that it dries SUPER quick, I’m talking by the time you’re done with your middle finger, your pointer has dried.  Which makes it perfect for a super quick manicure as you’re literally walking out the door.

The con’s are a little bit longer then the pro’s…it does chip easily and it tends to wear off at the tip of your nail (*I have found that a way to help prevent this is to make your first coat really heavy and your second one light).  Also, it’s a BEAST to get off your fingernails since there’s no bottom coat helping it along.

All in all though, it’s good to have around for those emergencies when you must have painted fingernails.  Hand models would love it.

*Update* Both OPI and Essie now have top coats that will turn any polish matte! I've got Essie's Matte About You on my nails this week, and loving it because it makes colors like this OPI "A Roll in the Hague" really pop (without all the chipping)!

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