Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Travel Looking Cute

On a trip to California last year, I learned the value of traveling in comfort.

We began our day 3am east coast time and ended it around midnight west coast time, with plenty of plane rides, car rides, shopping, and celebrity siting in between.
travel outfit
I wore a new Max Studio skirt from TJ Maxx that I thought would be a breeze to walk around in. Turns out the band was a little bit less forgiving then I thought it was in the dressing room.

Driving to the airport at 3am I found myself wondering if I was going to be able to deal with the pressure around my waistline for a couple hours-which is precisely what you don't want to be thinking headed for an airport (well, that and, "Did I pack underwear?")

The lesson I learned that day was this: travel in something you've proven is comfortable. Don't show up for a long flight or car ride in something you've never worn because you won't know how it wears.

What I last traveled in, was the perfect outfit for long hours of sitting. I wore a maxi shirt dress.

I got all the benefits of a maxi dress (complete coverage, no waistline to make me uncomfortable) without all the hassles of what to do with my bra.

You know how some maxi dresses with spaghetti straps or razor backs give you no good way to wear a comfortable bra? The t-shirt maxi dress solves that problem! With a t-shirt bra, a bright necklace, and sandals, I was well on my way to a relaxing trip all the while looking cute and feeling comfortable.

I could have even added a scarf for extra warmth if I needed to, and it still would have looked fabulous.

The travel outfit: perfected.

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