Friday, June 21, 2013

Bandeau? Hope So!

I believe I write this every summer, but I do so for good reason.

These things are invaluable as we head into summer (or as I affectionately refer to it as "complicated bra season"). Enjoy this, then look back on all the posts this week. It's bra week-which is just like "Shark Week" but with waaay more bite!

I am willing to bet that you have an item in your closet that you pick up, look at, put back and sigh because it's cute but you just don't know how to wear it AND a bra.
best summer bra

Well put back and sigh no more...

These little goodies are a great idea for summer time shirt conundrums. With their elasticity on top and on bottom you don't feel like you constantly have to pull them up, nor do you get that awful shelf look that some strapless bras can provide, and if they peek out anywhere it just looks like you've got on a cami so you don't have to work to hide them.

Faultless? I believe so.

You can find these every where (it seems) right now. They are for sure found at Target and Walmart, and random stores throughout the mall so just keep an eye out-and buy lots of colors.

They even make certain summer dresses instantly easier to wear so don't put off getting one. You'll love it once you do-and so will those neglected tops in your closet!

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