Monday, April 1, 2013

Cheap Surprising Hair Solution

It's time for some breaking beauty news, people!

Ok, so you know how there's been a big swing towards Argan and Moroccan oils for your hair?
Well I was reading an article the other day that really surprised me...

Apparently the makers of Air Wick have started using some of the same hair healthy ingredients in their oils for the plug in's as the Argan and Moroccan oils have. 

What they found was the same ingredients that lock the moisture in your hair follicles are also the ones that help dissipate odors in your house. Meaning that the Air Wick plug in you have in your bathroom, can also double as a hair mask or a quick way to control frizz after blow drying.

All you do is rub a little bit in your palm to warm it up, activating the oils (only the essential ones of course ;) and then just smooth it in your hair!

It's a heck of a lot cheaper than a big bottle of Moroccan oil, but it has the same exact ingredients (I checked!) that give me the smooth happy hair I love.

The only downside is if you can only find scents like "Apple Cinnamon Medley" and "Frosted Pine", your hair will end up smelling a little funky. But to me the cost and the benefits that comes from the oils, far outweigh explaining to people why they just got a whiff of "Crackling Fire & Log Cabin" from your hair.

I know I love it when things can pull double duty around my house!

Oh and one more benefit that I forgot to mention! 
Happy April Fools :)

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