Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Story of Last Weeks Nails

It was a sunny Thursday afternoon. I'm in my home office working on some writing projects, when suddenly I look down and realize, my nails are a mess and I've got a fancy business dinner tomorrow night!

I've only got a few hours left at the house before I have to leave and help my husband with a painting project (right here I'm not going to clarify the fact that he's the expert painter and I'm just there for an extra set of hands...I'm going to leave you believing I'm the professional).

Continuing on...

"I can't fully do my nails because all that paint would mess them up, but I should certainly I'll just do them when I get home tonight."

Later that evening, 11:30 pm...

Walk in door. Shower. Bed.

Friday morning..."Ah! My nails! They're an even bigger mess now!" Thoughts of hiding a full on manicure while sitting at my desk at work pass through my head. "No, I can't pull that off, it's too risky!" I thought.
"I'll just do them when I get home."

Later on that day I find out we have to be at the business dinner at 6. I get off of work at 5.

My inner nail freak is FREAKING out. Especially since this dinner involves fake gambling (long story) which means my nails will be on display...WHAT am I going to do!?

4:15 rolls around, I leave work. All I have to do is my makeup because I've already washed my hair and shaved (Praise God). My dear husband throws out that we're going to have to leave even earlier then we thought (bless him), but it turns out I can talk him down ten minutes. I finish my makeup, get his clothes ready and proceed to give myself the worlds fastest manicure.

Thankfully the polish I had chosen to go with my dress goes on easy and could cover in one coat if I wanted it. It's OPI's "Designer De Better" from The Muppets collection. I knew that if I could just get everything filed and cleaned up, a swipe of base coat and a swipe of color-I'd be out the door.

Ten minutes later, I've got the perfect evening manicure (plus a few bleeding fingers) but my nails! Bless The Lord On High! They look really good :)

Moral of the story? If you can't plan properly ahead, pick a polish that will make your life easier. If I had to stick with one coat, I could have with this color. If I found time to layer more, it drys pretty quick. I'm so glad it worked out, because those sparklers won me a lot of fake money, baby! :)

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