Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Find the Perfect Dress

Dress shopping doesn't have to be headache inducing!
Here are five ways to prevent that feeling of, "Holy cow WHAT am I going to clothe myself with?!"

1. Think about the area on your body you love the most, and look for a dress that draws attention to that spot. Is it your neck? Then find a dress with embellishment at the top. Is it your legs? Look for one that draws the eye downward (without being a skanky length).

This one on the left draws the eye up because that's where the pattern and color are (JCP $24!)

2. A-lines flatter everyone. Whether you're trying to hide curves or create them, an A-line shape will be your BDF (your best dress friend). They're so flattering and create this teeny tiny waist that everyone wants to look like they have. (Example to the left-JCP for $44!)

3. Speaking of teeny tiny waists, if you're unsure about a dress you've found or still don't know what kind to get-look for something that will accentuate the smallest part of your our shape which is your waist.

That means maybe a color block dress (like the one on the right-at JCP for $28!) that gives the illusion of a waist or maybe something that tappers in at just the right spot. It's always a good idea to accentuate that part of your body.

4. Don't always stick with the belt it comes with. If you're buying a dress that has a belt, don't be locked in to that belt just because the manufacturer said so. Think about buying a nicer belt or one of a different color.

Forever21 sells belts for cheapity-cheap, so think about upgrading or changing that part of the dress with something that could show more "you" in the look.

5. Try. It. On. I can't tell you how many times I've thought, "meh" about a dress, but after I tried it on it was, "!!!!" just because a lot of garments hang differently on a hanger then they do your body. If you're at all amused by a pattern or color, try it on.

I've got a gorgeous pink sparkly cocktail dress hanging in my closet that I paid $20 for and wore 4 times that proves this point. I was ok with it when I first saw it, but realized it was a knock out when I tried it on.

Good places to find such dresses are Ross and JC Penny (ha, are you suprised at the JCP thing?)

And don't just stick to your section in big department stores like JC Penny. Look around, because Penny's has a whole dress section that doesn't seem to really be tied to "Misses" or "Juniors". It's got a whole slew of great options!

If you have any questions about your outfit, feel free to email me at I'll check it today and tomorrow (Sunday you're on your own! :)

Happy shopping and, more importantly, HAPPY EASTER!

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