Monday, February 25, 2013

Challenge Accepted!

Friday night, I issued myself a challenge.

We rounded out a busy week by having dinner with friends, and I was determined not to agonize over what I was wearing. So I gave myself one parameter: accessorize with something you haven't worn in a while.

It was time I broke out of my routine earrings and rediscover a love for something I already had. Of course, with Forever21 in my front yard, I certainly don't have a lack of choices. Which (and I'm purposely digressing here) bare in mind that no matter your age or style or size, Forever21 has some great jewelry options.

Sometimes I feel as if I fall short in convincing the non-21-year-old women that they can, in fact, find some great items in there. I certainly wouldn't judge any woman, no matter their age, for shopping in there. I'd applaud them! Because Ladies, hear me declare this-I will be shopping in Forever21 for as long as the name suggests. I plan on looking Spiffy always, and Forever21 helps me do that even if it's simply through cheap necklaces and earrings.

Ok, digression over.
Back to my choices.

So Friday night I was wearing my hair up and going with a simple sweater, so I knew one lucky pair of earrings was going to be featured for my night out. And honestly, it was refreshing to pick outside my hoop collection. I wear hoop earrings to work almost everyday (lets face it, they're the words greatest earring shape), but it was time to give them a break.

I ended up with this pair of dew drop shaped earrings, and a black and silver bracelet. And I loved wearing them both!

It's so easy to get caught in an accessorizing rut. Especially when everything you wear most is at the top of the jewelry box and most easily accessed. It's good to purposely break up that rut and force yourself to enjoy something you once thought enjoyable (at least let's hope that's how you spend your money). It's just like going shopping in your own accessories!

My goal here for the next little bit is to really milk what I've already got in the closet, because I realized cleaning it out the other day-I've got some really great things.

Thus, my dear readers, I issue the same challenge to you! Wear (at the very least!) one item this week you haven't worn in a while and see what happens!

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