Monday, December 31, 2012

Two Thousand Twelve

If I had to sum up the year of beauty one word it would be: limitless.

This year it seems the options of products to use just exploded with possibility. With the onslaught of monthly beauty boxes like Birchbox and the option to not always have to buy the expensive version of popular products (like Oil of Olay's face scrubber), there's really no reason to not have tried something new.

If you never did try something new, no judgement here, there's still time AND room on your resolution list :)

Here are two more products I couldn't fit on today's show that I think should make it on the "Best of the Best" for beauty products of 2012...

Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer
If this Primer were a band, I'd stalk it so hard it would have a restraining order against me-I'm that obsessed. For $20 you couldn't ask for a more inexpensive item that does so many wondrous things. Oh, and before I go's $20, but it's lasted me over a year...and I use it every single day.

After you see the beautiful shimmer it leaves on your lids, you'll want to use it everyday too! What it does is it makes your eyeshadow last all day and all night. I have but maybe one small crease on my lids by the end of work, but if I'm going out that night, all I have to do is dab a little more on my fingers and wipe it over my lids so that I'm refreshed and all the rest of my eyeshadow handy work stays in place.

And on the day's I'm just using tinted moisturizer, I still use it just without any eyeshadow on top (*refer to the sentence that says it leaves the most beautiful shimmer behind).

I'm a Urban Decay primer groupie for life, friends.

Cover Girls Blast Flipstick Color in Pucker.
I searched and searched for the perfect fuchsia color. I'm so happy that this has become a trend, because I love the idea of red lips, but I don't like the idea of looking like a vampire. Fuchsia lips-I'm all in!

This is the perfect-not red but truly pink color that I'll stick to for as long as I'm into it (trend or no trend-I love it!!) And the lighter pink lipstick on the other side, allows me to add dimension to my dark pink look, or just gives the hint of a soft springy lips if I want to use it alone.

Cover Girl nailed it with this one-I'm a fan.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for watching! If you missed today's segment you can catch it tomorrow here, on The Spiff!!

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