Monday, October 15, 2012

The Dawn of a Good Idea

There's some kind of universal law that says, for every beautiful shirt there is an equally ugly stain that will inevitably appear the night before you need it for a big day.

It is also fact that said shirt will require line drying giving you less time to wash it and more time to panic. And the moment you pull it out of the washer and think you are in the clear, a stain, resistant to even the best of detergents, will remain in tact, staring you in the face.

If only Newton would have prepared us for that one (sitting under that apple tree, he was bound to have stained his paints, why couldn't he have written THOSE findings down?!)

I've got a new law for you that helps to counter this yucky universal law: The relationship between you and a stained object can be mended with the simple application of Dawn dish detergent.

Take a grease stain, let it soak in Dawn for five minutes, come back, wash it again, and BOOM, in your face Newton!

It works, I've tried it. It was the night before I had to go out of town when that whole scenario was played out and Dawn saved the day without leaving any kind of indication that it had been there on my shirt.

Sometimes science can be a beautiful thing.

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