Monday, August 13, 2012

Ooooh Yeah

This post may make you has me...

On a whim this past week I purchased, what I thought was, a big tube of Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm. Now you may or may not already know but Burt and his Bees are pretty much a constant on my lips. The pomegranite balm is currently in every one of my purses-it's as good as an appendage at this point.

Well, it needs to move over and make room for a twin (oh, gosh, that metaphor isn't going well).
This huge tube of lip balm, that was such a mystery at first, is actually housing for THE greatest thing I've every put on my lips.

Every time I pop it open I serisouly want to hang my head and without abandon SLATHER its creamyness all over my face.

I liken it to cracking open a Bavarian Cream Doughnut and just resting your lips inside it as if it were a pillow (which, strangely enough, I've considered doing before as that is my favorite doughnut).

Oh yeah, Ladies, it's that decadent.
Great news is it's calorie free :) Even GREATER's got the most beautiful pink sheen to it (at least "Pink Blossom" does), even more so than my other balm. I love creating looks with eye make up so nine times out of ten I'll emphasize my eyes over my lips and this is the perfect compliment to a fully done up face.

Enough sheen and color to polish off your look, enough silky smoothness to make George Clooney enroll in charm school :)

Tune in tomorrow to the Fox morning show at 8:45am, and catch The Spiff live! We're talking about the five things you need in your closet to transition your summer waredrobe to fall.

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