Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Only "Guess" in Your Suitcase...

...Should be on a clothing label

My old recipe for packing:
14 Randomly chosen tops from the group of what I was currently loving at the time
2 Pairs of my favorite jeans
5 Pairs of earrings/necklaces-anything that I look at and think "I like this one"
6 Pairs of shoes that really...again anything that I liked at the time
1 Suitcase
9 Random things I see and think "I'll need this just in case"

Mix it all together, shake it up for a couple of hours. Get them all hot and smushed and I had myself some horribly planned outfits for wherever I was going.

Thinking about that now, it’s no wonder trips were such a headache for me. I don’t know how I did that.

Lesson learned, I’ve grown to a seasoned and much more streamlined packer by configuring each and every outfit beforehand.
I think about every step of the trip and what I'll need both weather wise and socially and plan each and every outfit down to what eyeshadow I'll pair with it.

And because I’m so well mapped out I only have to pack one half (or so) of a “just in case” outfit when before everything was just in case.

No more guessing, no more stress, much more room -that’s exactly what you want when you leave the comforts of home for a little while :)

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