Monday, May 14, 2012

Listen to a Story...

Last week, we loaded up the suitcases and moved ourselves (for four days) to Beverly.
Hills that is. Swimming pools, movie stars.

Well really, we were only there for a day…alright it was actually 6 hours.

But the rest of the week was spent in sunny San Diego! Traveling to the west coast has seasoned me as a traveler and I’ll be a better packer for it.
This week, I’ll be sharing all of my new found revelations…

Beginning with what to wear the first day of traveling-make it something you’ve worn before.

Our day last Tuesday began at 3:00am east coast time and ended midnight west coast time (if you’re counting, it translates to being up for 23 hours straight). Which when you’re traveling to the opposite coast, and packing in a two hour car ride to another city after you land, you kind of have to figure on comfortable clothing.

The mistake I made was to go with a new outfit. Priority number one was to be comfortable-I’m no fool, sitting in a plane for over two and a half hours you don’t want skinny jeans digging into your gut. But in a very close second was looking good. After all, it’s a big fashion hub and I just knew we were going to see a celebrity so it was important I felt like one myself ;)

I went out a bought a long gray skirt (a name brand that I can’t think of at the moment but was a deal at TJ Maxx), and paired with it a neon pink loose top. The only problem was I never test drove the outfit so I was unaware of the fact that the skirt was no bark and all bite when it came to the elastic waist.

This is something I would have known had I worn it out once before I got dressed at 3:00 in the morning. Thankfully, it was something that was a little uncomfortable at first but I got used to it quickly. In the future though, I will most assuredly not wear something for the first time when traveling.

Today’s Spiff: put your travel outfit on days before you travel, set a spell, take your shoes off, enjoy some hospitality. Hillbilly that is ;)

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